Monday, May 07, 2018

5 Home Maintenance Projects for Your Home This Summer

Summer is often synonymous with relaxing. However, the sunny season is also a great time to catch up on your home maintenance. Below are five things to do to your home this summer.

Bathe the exterior. Summer brings long, warm days—perfect for giving your home’s exterior a bath. Cleaning your siding, roof and gutters can rid your home of unsightly grime and bacteria build-up. Choose a soft wash over a power wash, which can strip paint and remove shingles if done incorrectly.

Wash those windows. You may be flinging your windows open this summer, or closing them to blast that frosty A/C. However you choose to cool your home, take the time to give your windows a wash. Lather up some soap and polish the glass, wipe down the frames and remove the screens to give them a detailed clean. Holes or tears in your screens? Replace them to keep the bugs out.

Freshen the furnace filter. Now that your furnace is on summer vacation, open it up and inspect the filter. Full of unsightly dust? Clean or replace as needed.

Clean the porch or deck. If you have an exterior lounging area like a porch or deck, it likely has accumulated a bit of dust and dirt since you last used it. Sweep the dirt away, scrub away any hard stains and give the whole thing a solid mop. Still looking less-than-fresh? Consider a new paint job.

Mulch mania. If summers are dry in your area, consider upping your curb appeal with a fresh layer of mulch. This will help the ground retain moisture on sunny days, keep weeds at bay and tie the look of your yard together.

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